This is a piecemeal and capital-accumulation-focused real estate investment option that caters for monthly investors and those who want to build up capital over time in order to take on bigger projects in the future like a college education, homeownership or even business startup. You simply invest and go to sleep while your money works for you. Capital and Returns are guaranteed!. With a minimum investment of N10,000 every month over a period of 3-4 years and 5 years, you enjoy compounded rates of return ranging from 15% and 20% per annum respectively. You can become a millionaire guaranteed by investing substantial funds in a short time or investing lower amounts over a longer time. For instance, with N10,000, N100,000 and N1,000,000 monthly contributions, your investment would be worth a minimum of N1,000,000, N10,000,000 and N100,000,000 respectively in 5 years guaranteed!

Payment Plans


Minimum subscription: ₦ 10,000.00

3 Year(s) 15.00% Cash Gain
4 Year(s) 15.00% Cash Gain
5 Year(s) 20.00% Cash Gain